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Dear All,

I kindly invite you all to find this space to make a note on content and services available in your telecentre/s. In the end of the discussion it will create a list of content and services that we use in our telecentres.

Thank you in advance,

Seuwandi yapa


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with an objective is to facilitate the socio economic development of Sri Lanka through knowledge empowerment of its people, ICT Agency of Sri Lanka (ICTA) has made available a range of information as required by the people in their day to day lives, through an ICT platform. This local content is range from education, health, agricultural to that related to business and employment opportunities and can be broadly classified as:

    * Internet based or online content
    * Offline content

In sourcing the content ICTA have had extensive collaboration and cooperation from Government, Non – Government, Private and Community Based Organizations as well as individuals.The ownership of all such content is retained by the contributing organization or individual.

Please find the list of internet based local content below:


Government - government e-Services - information of government organizations and services any government organization


I am totally impressed especially with your Sri Lankan Culture links to internet based local content, it paints a wonderful appealing picture of and drawing power for Sri Lanka. I believe that Vision is the key to progress for countries and industries alike - and ICTA have a very good one with for the role of ICT: "To harness ICT as a lever for economic and social advancement by taking the dividends of ICT to every village, to every citizen, to every business & to re-engineer the way government thinks & works". As the future will increasingly be Community & Computer (online) driven in the Knowledge Economy, your people will create opportunity in line with their level of commitment and ability to develop an ongoing eSkills capability. Finally, could I suggest a role in Education for ICDL Certificate programmes (International Computer Driving Licence), who are involved with a Test Centre in Sri Lanka already I believe and whose courses have international recognition and carry jobs opportunities at endorsing companies, especially given that there is an emerging global shortage of over 30 million ICT skilled workers according to IBM. I look forward to following how this discussion develops.

Thanks Yapa
Thanks to Seuwandi yapa.



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