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Flavor of the Month of November: "How has TCF helped you or your organization in the last 5 years?”

Dear member,

As Foundation (TCF) will be celebrating its 5th Anniversary this November, we would love to hear from you particularly on how TCF has helped you or your organization in the last 5 years.  

We kindly request that you share with us what were the initiatives that have benefited you the most.

We would appreciate if you could spare a few minutes to share your thoughts and participate in this forum. We’d love to hear from you, so drop us a line or two  -- or more if you wish! :-) It wouldn't hurt to encourage others to do so too!

Thank you very much in advance! 

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Congratulations to TCF!

You are doing a tremendous work/service in this area. Me and my organization are profiting a lot from all your activities. Thank you very much for your dedicated service. Keep up the good work!

Warm greetings,

Dawit Mehari

Dear Mehari,

Thank you for being the first to reply on this forum. It is so great to hear from you. 

The conduct of a forum on the Flavor of the Month on the 5 anniversary of TCF is so timely to gather information on how the foundation has helped telecentres all of the world. I in my place the Dasol Community eCenter as, manager has updated with google basics as I am currently enrolled in the course, that if not connected with the TCF I do not know such opportunity. Also the center, it is keep abreast of applicable trainings for grassroots.From daily browsing the TCF it helps the Center find IT applications for the Dasol Community eCenter.

Dear Ballen,
Many thanks for the feedback and its so great to hear that TCF has helped your telecentre in several ways. We further appreciate if you could post a blog or several pictures from your eCentre activities.
Keep in touch with us. Best!!!!

Hi friends,
following are some of the feedbacks we received via Facebook.
Thanks a lot.

Bal Ferro Binay Mirabueno says served as our bridge to the global digital divide. It has exposed us to the global community, we're able to join global forums, contests that brought us closer tothe world. We have an opportunity to empower women with international training thru Cherie Blair Foundation. We were able to share our CeC programs. We became a finalist at the global cal for action last year. Mauban eLearningVille is soooo blessed to be a member of the I am truly blessed to belong as CeC Manager I gain friends and acquintances to find access to the global community. More power telecenter

Angelo Juan Ramos says Happy 5th, TCF! The Foundation has helped build up PhilCeCNet to be one of the most vibrant telecentre communities in the world. We're also glad to be a member of the Asia-Pacific Telecentre Network, which TCF has also convened. Here's to more years of innovation and collaboration!

Congratulations to TCF!
we are doing a social & Government E- service in rural area in Bangladesh . Me and my organization union digital centre are profiting now . lot of government form & service provide by the UDC . Thank you very much


Dear Rahman,

So great to hear from you too. Thanks a lot for the feedback and it feels good to know that TCF has inspired you guys in many ways.

I have a small request, will you please invite all your colleagues at UDC to join with this community site. I am sure TCF can help your organization members to benefit in many ways. 

Thanks a lot. 

I have benefited quit a lot especially the face to face meetings, learning from other Telecentre innovations, success and challenges all have contributed much to my capacity to run and manage a Community Telecentre for the last 10 years. More importantly, it has connected our Telecentre to other networks. it has also enabled to find solutions to some IT challenges.
Thank you!

Hi Peter,
Thank you very much for the reply. We are delighted to hear from you too.

Please keep in touch with TCF and kindly continue sharing with us more on your success stories. Best!

Hello TCF! Congratulations on your 5th Anniversary!
Malvar Community eCenter (CeC) Philippines has benefited a lot from being a member of the Telecentre.Org Foundation. As a member, we are so happy to recall how we learned and profited a lot from some of the TCF initiatives.
Consider these:
1. Malvar CeC Philippines won the TCF and ITU contest “ Train the Most Number of Women To Become Digitally Literate and Win 15,000 Swiss Francs,” a contest which ran from April 2011-September 2012. As winner, our CeC was awarded the equivalent of PhP660,000.00 worth of ICT equipment.
2. We saw our women graduates being featured at the Telecentre Women website inspiring us to do more and do better.
3. The communications department of the TCF visited us in July of 2012 to take pictures and videos of our CeC, our ICT champion, Mayor Carlito DP Reyes, myself as CeC Manager and our knowledge workers and some of its graduates. As a result, our CeC was featured in the Telecentre Chronicles .
4. During the First Global Telecentre Manager Awards held in Spain in May 2013, I won as the Global Community’s Choice for Best Telecentre Manager.
5. TCF together with representatives from the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women Mentoring in Business Programme visited us and interviewed some of our mentees.
6. Malvar CeC was recognized by the TCF and the ITU as an official BNYND2015 OFFSITE SUMMIT HUB which allowed our youths in Malvar to participate offsite and worked with the theme Change the World.
6. TCF also introduced us to Mozilla Popcorn Maker helping us teach our clients on web skills and web literacy.
7. I was awarded a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 as I won in the TCF’s Google Basics Telecentre Challenge, an incentive program for telecentre managers worldwide that seeks to encourage greater community participation in the Google Basics free online course being offered by Telecentre Academy.

How can I ever forget you You made a positive difference in my life and the lives of our constituents here in Malvar. I cannot thank you enough!

Once again, congratulations and more power to all of you!

Hi Linda,
Many thanks for the feedback and its so good to hear from you.
Its so wonderful to read how TCF has strengthen all your efforts to serve your community.
Wish you all the very best with your future endeavor and hope your CeC will perform much better in the future days to come. Cheers!

Frist of all we wish you a happy annivesary. we are very happy to say that, you had done us a grate service, in different ways. Not only for us, to the all world within last five years.
From the very first day we connected to you, we could be able to aware more about ICT. Because of you, we could be able to share the ideas, Knowledge and culture from the other countries also.
We wish all of you to do the services like this more and more. And you all may have the energy, power, strength and ability to do a great service.

great wishes from
Nenasala Sooriyawewa
Sri Lanka



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