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Flavor of the Month of January: What ICT4D topics are you most interested in?

Dear Member,

Greetings for a wonderful and productive 2014!

As we welcome a brand new year, it’s time to make way for bigger and better things. So this year, we’re expanding our stories and discussions to include anything and everything about Information and Communication Technology for Development (ICT4D). But we’d like YOU, our members, to be the driver of such stories and discussions. So we’ll start off by finding out straight from you what it is you are most passionate about when it comes to ICT4D. What topics would you like us to tackle here in our community site?

We’d love to hear from you so drop us a line or two (or more if you wish). :-)

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Hi! Friends out there,.Love to be ICT4D. The topic I am most interested is
community radio programs aired daily interface with the internet. This is serving information to those listening to the radio without digital literacy training and unit available at hand especially to places cannot be reached by the use of computer.

Hi Maypa,
Thank you very much for the feedback. really appreciated. Ur suggestion is noted :)

Thank you Seu for the prompt. Its an excellent question. Everyone is excited by emerging technologies, the latest app or device. I am focusing on what can be done with what we have now, basically inter connectivity and self directed learning. Most of us have the opportunity to connect to each other and follow our curiosity. This app or that doesn't really matter, its what you get OUT of the computer that matters. I am interested in Self Organizing Learning Environments that can emerge as an enterprise that work around institutional and bureaucratic entrenchment. But this is very forbidden, which makes me sense its the right way to go :-). So I second Gelly Cezar Reston-Maypa suggestion: access to ICT4D!

Hi Jan, Welcome back after sometime :-) Many thanks for the reply and for your insightful thinking.. Your suggestion is noted. keep in touch.

Thanks for starting this. I am passionate about the contribution of ICTs to the development of agriculture and ICTs in agribusiness. I like discussing the role of agriculture as a contributor to Nature, Wealth and Power.

Hi Kiringai,
Thank you very much for the feedback. really appreciate it.

Hi Kiringai,
Good to see you point on ICTs for Agri Business sector. We have a good Agri ERP solutions which can used for the benefit of farmer community to have access to various information on agriculture resources.And we can help them to network and connect with various agencies to get help and guidance in farming methods

I'm now more and more engaged as facilitator-administrator of at least three (3) online social networks with a present aggregate population of tens of thousands of people from different cultures and places...

Our online topics are generally centered on issues and concerns involving or affecting our province and its people like, governance, politics, destructive mining, and indigenous peoples...

The networks are effectively connecting and gradually empowering our people... We are seeing more and more of them voicing out and involving themselves as concerned and responsible citizens...

Interactions among our members have helped in further improving family relations, especially those who are geographically separated by reason of employment abroad...

Our government leaders are made aware of the needs and concerns of our people through their numerous posts... Conversely, our people also get to know of first hand information about government programs, projects and activities which are posted by our members who work in the Government...

Some of our members also either unilaterally or collectively engage themselves into fund raising and resource-mobilization for social projects, as a result of perceived needs that are posted on our networks...

See for yourself... :-)

Many thanks for ur inputs as well.. lets keep adding new topics....

Hi Jimmy,
thank you for sharing the facebook links. Seems your CeC is busy with many fruitful initiatives. Why dont you share a blog post with us? I am sure you have many more success stories to share. keep us posting pls :-)

Hi ,
Indeed ICT has become an integral part of our living in these modern times. And the learning systems became more convenient and interesting to youth and women in particular across different regions.

It is necessary telecenters need to be encouraged and established in developing nations very aggessively to promote various learning systems accessible to youth and unemplyed to get empowered.

Hi Raman,
Thank you for the reply and I agree that ICT4D can empower youth and women in many ways. As per your profile, I learned that you work for a IT solution company in India that promotes IT skills training and orientation on a application namely ENBFS- MICROFINANCER AND MEDISMART OR MEDISMART PRO. Would you like to share a blog post with us which explains on this application? i am sure our community will be really interested on a application which they can explore job opportunities. please note you can also post pictures and videos as well :-)



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