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Flavor of the Month of January: What ICT4D topics are you most interested in?

Dear Member,

Greetings for a wonderful and productive 2014!

As we welcome a brand new year, it’s time to make way for bigger and better things. So this year, we’re expanding our stories and discussions to include anything and everything about Information and Communication Technology for Development (ICT4D). But we’d like YOU, our members, to be the driver of such stories and discussions. So we’ll start off by finding out straight from you what it is you are most passionate about when it comes to ICT4D. What topics would you like us to tackle here in our community site?

We’d love to hear from you so drop us a line or two (or more if you wish). :-)

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Hi all,

Its been while since I was last here, but I am glad the awesome work is still going on.Business Process Outsourcing is one of the fastest growing industries in the world and in many 3rd world countries it is an emerging industry. BPO has impacted different countries in different ways but its impact is more palpable in the third world countries that are focusing on raising their socio-economic development. Business process outsourcing has revamped the revenue for many third world countries and contributed a lot by uplifting the status of the poorer countries as it has opened up doors for employment opportunities in the third world countries in data entry, back end office, legal services, software development and web designing, animation, medical transcription and shared services. However not many countries in Africa have taken advantage of this ICT4D avenue despite having a highly skilled workforce that is immersed in poverty and joblessness. A discussion on how more awareness can be created in this area to encourage governments and private entities to invest in this industry will go a long way in helping reach many marginalized communities.

Hey Francky,
Glad u r back after a long time. We miss u so much.
Thank you for sharing your comment in this discussion. Truely BPO is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Developing countries are keen on this topic nowadays and in Sri Lanka, we have a project FUTURECAREERS,  is an initiative by SLASSCOM which is supported by ICTA.

The objective of this program is to create awareness on the career opportunities available in the Information Technology and Business Process Management industry.The target audience of this program is school children of grade 10 and above, teachers, parents and others who contribute to guiding our younger generation.

The core message of this program is communicated through the website , Industry Videos and printed material.


Francky, I got to know that BPO is your field of expertise right now and you are working on a project in a very marginilased community that has been at war for almost 20 years. Would you like to share a blog post with us? I am sure our community will find it really useful (as always) :-)

Sure Seuwandi,

I would love to do that.I will prepare an article and share it here on the impact of BPOs in East Africa.


Might I suggest ICTs for Indigenous Peoples? We're promoting ICT4ID; ICTs for Indigenised Development which follows the hypothesis that many of the core characteristics of ICTs lend themselves well to solutions for many of the common challenges that Indigenous Peoples the world over face in addressing development opportunities and priorities that they themselves articulate; as opposed to those that are imposed from outside and which often damage their livelihoods and cultures. See for example our project in Borneo and The Internet Indians in Amazonia.

Hi Roger,
Thank you very much for the suggested topic, I must say that your suggestion is brand new, paved our way to explore a new topic. With technology, everything get changed, improved and developed and that is what we are all looking for. Once again many thanks for suggesting this topic. Also, may I kindly request, once you come a cross with content like The Internet Indians and latest updates from eBorneo, will you please share them in our blogs? I am sure, our members will find them really useful and interesting, also it will make our enrich the content of this platform. Thanks a lot once again. Please keep in touch with us :-)

Thank you very much for all your suggestions, feedback and inputs in this forum. To summarize, here is the list of topics that you have suggested:

  1. Community Radio

  2. Access to ICT4D: emerging technologies, the latest app or device, Self Organizing Learning Environments

  3. ICTs in agribusiness

  4. Online social networks

  5. Business process outsourcing

  6. ICTs for Indigenous Peoples

Please continue to suggest more topics, if you wish to explore new areas of ICT4D. All your replies are highly appreciated... Thank you very much. 


You're welcome Seu. It is really interesting to join the forum this increases our learning, share ideas and experiences. Bringing.



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