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We would like to share with you our initiative and hear from you all ideas and names that can share with us this global initiative

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I wonder if you have closed this discussion or no one replied?
I appreciate Ms Esther for initiating a discussion on an important issue.But I could not download the content in word doc.Could you please bring the content on this page so that the members can see this and can interact easily.
Best luck.

Women Electronic -Inclusion 2009

The Journey of Women Leadership to Excellence and Dialogue

In the modern era one of the most needed capabilities is the use, develop and manage of Technological skills related to Science. R&D, workforce, management, teaching .education, entrepreneurship etc

The under presence of women in technology, especially in development and management, related to social exclusion and causes intellectual, cultural and financial lose of a huge amount of the human fortune. Therefore there is an urgent mission to raise the awareness and open the technological gates to women's intelligence and technological leadership and facilitate their ability to become entrepreneurs and roll model of excellence for other women and men.

Israel as one of the leading countries in High-tech is offering to serve, in collaboration with others, as a facilitator for initiating the above process by identify, expose and share the experience of roll model women from around the globe.

Our proposed initiative is to organize an International Conference on Women Electronic Inclusion that will facilitate a meeting between women technological leaders in which they will share their journey to technological excellence, discuss the opportunities, channels, potential partners, programs and resources as well as obstacle in promoting women electronic inclusion.

Base on the sharing process and insights the group will be invited to propose a global action plan in this matter.

The invited women will represent gender based technological theory and practice, and related areas, as have been expressed in the Governmental sector, NGO's , Private sector, Business sector, Academic sector etc.
The conference will include a High Tec exhibition, story telling of success stories, panels, workshops, poster, electronic cultural activities etc

Since the content was difficult to read from the word document,I have copied and pasted the same for the perusal of the learned members.I invite honorable members to kindly read this content and add their comments.
Women who have succeeded in technology deserve recognition, they are an inspiration for everyone, demonstrating what can be achieved through creativity and hard work.

I don’t know if anyone was aware of the Women Who Tech sessions that brought together talented and renowned women breaking new ground in technology who use their tech savvy skills to transform the world and inspire change. It was done online through phone and the web this week and mainly targeted women from the UK and USA.

I would be interested in knowing the outcomes. They mainly focussed on
* Launching Your Own Startup
* Women and Open Source
* Breaking Through the Digital Ceiling
* Tech Marketing in a Recession
* Social Networks and Diversity Barriers
* ROI of Social Networking

I became aware of the event through this website:
I would like to join you globle women & techhology and try to best my level help Women and Open Source
thanking you
sri lanka

I would love to hear aobut your initiatives concerning global women and technology. Within the past three weeks, I have written several grants to foster equal learning opportunities for underserved and low income girls. From my research, I learned that most females are unserved in many global communities.

The CEO of my online school is female and so are most of the staff members. We are considered experts in our fields of education and in online teaching. I was the first principal/director of a virtural early college in North Carolina, and I teach online Masters of Education classes for a major online university. Working with that university, I meet many women who are work in all fields of technology.

I would like to be involved in a global women and technology research project. Please let me know if you have any suggestions.

Barbara Fedock
Dear all

I am very happy to read all your comments to my new initiative, please try to give us new ideas we are now looking for the partners and infrastructures.

Have a nice weekend!

Esther Feffer
Hi Esther,
You have done a great job indeed.Your initiative has earned lots of interest among the learned telecentre members.
Wish you best luck.



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