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ICTs to combat poverty and promote sustainable development
Dear colleagues, I would like to share with you some of my views on the challenges for developing countries in the world, where ICTs has become more available and accessible in develop communities.
Poverty prevents people from reaching their full potential and from participating fully in society, combat poverty works to ensure that the elimination of poverty remains a national priority, and that social and economic policies are directed towards improving the lives of the most societies, reducing poverty and empowering the poor are crucial ingredients for equitable and sustainable economic growth. World future in the global economy will depend on its ability to make significant and sustainable gains in its fight against poverty.
ICT is one avenue that has great potential to empower the poor and all stakeholders, including governments, the private sector, civil society, academia and international organizations must work together and leverage to ensure that the benefits of ICT are fully utilized in order to improve the lives of the poor.
It is widely understood that ICTs plays a key role to combat poverty and promote sustainable development, there is important aspect to the relation between ICTs, economic growth, and poverty reduction especially when addressing the needs of the poor and the root causes of persistent poverty.
ICTs boost the productivity of individuals and firms by making available new information and knowledge about processes, products, techniques and markets.
ICT is a powerful means for promoting social development through learn new skills to get new opportunities, empowerment that comes with understanding the capacity of ICTs enable global, rapid and efficient exchange of information and knowledge, it is important for us to distinguish between information and knowledge, and to understand what that distinction means for developing countries.
Nabi Eid

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Dear brother Nabil
Greetings to this vital matter, which was discussed by
Poverty affects communities and in particular to the Egyptian society by more than 300 villages under the poverty line is the province of Sohag governorates is the most impoverished villages, but not enough by a number of information technology centers and therefore can not judge the Egyptian experience and we can say that the test centers with Poverty successful experiences in the development of society, socially and economically within the province of Sohag, but the private sector in support of this village have been distributed Sacolth 14 the number of organ of the businessman and then started in the production and export of software production and this is now the village of the richest villages
الاخ العزيز نبيل
تحياتى لهذا الموضوع الحيوى والذى تم مناقشته من قبل
أن الفقر يؤثر فى المجتمعات وخاصة أن المجتمع المصرى به اكثر من 300 قرية تحت حد الفقر وتعتبر محافظة سوهاج هى اكثر المحافظات بها قرى فقيرة ولكن ليس بها عدد كافى من مراكز تكنولوجيا المعلومات ولذلك لا نستطيع ان نحكم على التجربة المصرية ونستطيع ان نقول ان تجارب المراكز مع الفقر تجارب ناجحة فى تنمية المجتمع اقتصاديا واجتماعيا ومن داخل محافظة سوهاج ولكن دعما من القطاع الخاص هذا بقرية ساقولته وقد تم توزيع عدد 14 جهاز من رجل اعمال وبعد ذلك بدات فى انتاج البرمجيات وتم تصديرها هذا هو الانتاج والان هذه القرية من اغنى القرى هناك



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