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During this month three occasions will take places (1) big Eid (2) Christmas (3) new year. In sudan we have 4 telecommunications companies (1) Sudatel or Sudani (2) Zain (mobitel before) (3) MTN (areeba before) (4) Canar . each one offer its subscriber special offer (more than 12 million subscribers). Sudani offers two packages mega 1 and mega 7 . on mega one they deduct 0.5 dollar per day and you call international for 0.25 dollars per minutes. On mega 7 they deduct 3.5 dollars per week and make international calls for 0.14 dollar per minute. On the other hand zain offers 50% discount through out Decembers (0.25 dollar per minutes international) and you can call every one have zain globally for the same price of local calls and also every one who has ZAIN or SUDANI and he is in saudia ariaba (bigrims or haj) can call or his family call him as if he calling locally less than 0.05 dollar per minutes. Canar offers talking 20 min. per dollar national and talking one hour nationally from canar to canar for only 0.30 dollars . on the other hand MTN call for free nationally and call 4 minutes and get 4 minutes for free internationally. On the other hand the internet connection is reduced to 30 dollars per month (24 hour/ day ) for the ADSL to 50 dollars per month (24 hour/ day ) for MDSL (mobile) to maximum 100 dollars per month (24 hour/ day ) for very high speed G4.
I want to conclude that high cost and low speed of internet is one of the challenges facing Telecentres sustainability. And it is completely solved in sudan by having more than one internet service provide and sometimes you can download a file of 250 M.B in less than 50 minutes.

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We have 3 companies in Egypt is the Telecommunications and Vodafone and Mobinil, all also reduce the price per minute but only during the holidays or contact the UN thought so far is limited to the elite of society, or Internet access lines has so far fixed a good price to the user.
لدينا فى مصر 3 شركات هى اتصالات و فودافون و موبينيل وجميعهم ايضا خفض سعر الدقيقة لكن فقط اثناء الاعياد اما فكر الاتصال الدولى لحتى الان هى مقصورة على صفوة المجتمع اما وصول خطوط الانترنت حتى الان سعرها ثابت وهو جيد للمستخدم
Hello Ahmed, in Uganda we have 4 telecommunications companies. However, internet costs are still very high. This indeed has affected most telecentres because costs of consumption are exorbitant. This has seen inconsistencies in services they provide to their communities.




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