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TELEWISE: Submit your best and most innovative telecentre tip

Sometimes finding a solution to a problem begins with one small idea. Share your telecentre wisdom with fellow community members by answering this simple question: How can we get more women to avail of telecentre services and digital literacy training?


  • To join this competition, you have to be a member of any of our community sites (English, Spanish, French, Arabic, Russian) or the Telecentre-Europe community site and post your answer as a comment in the TELEWISE discussion forum in our various community sites from March 1 to 31, 2012. (Englsh Community site members can post their contest entries in this space as a reply to this forum)
  • A tip should just be a sentence long (75 words maximum) and can be in English, Spanish, French, Russian, or Arabic, depending on which community site you submit it to.
  • Your tip should provide an answer that’s clear, easy to implement, and effective. The best tips often don’t need a lot of money to implement, they just need to work. Here are some guidelines on writing a tip:
  1. Make sure your tip begins with a verb in the active voice. For example, a common tip doctors give is “Drink 8 glasses of water every day,” instead of “Eight glasses of water must be drunk every day.”
  2. Follow you advice/action with an explanation for why and/or how. For example, “Drink 8 glasses of water every day to stay healthy”.
  • Each member can submit as many tips as they want but please submit each of your tips in separate comments.
  • A member may only win once.
  • If a tip is similar to another tip that has already been submitted, the tip that was submitted first is the one that will be considered for the competition.
  • At the end of March, a judge/judges will select the best tip from each community site’s discussion forum, leading to a total of 6 winning tips.
  • Judges will select the best TELEWISE tip based on the following criteria:
  1. Creativity, clarity, and relevance to the theme (20%)
  2. Ease of implementation (40%)
  3. Projected usefulness to community (40%)
  • For questions and a copy of the guidelines for the competition, please post under the forum discussion titled, “TELEWISE” where your Community Learning Coordinator will be able to respond to you immediately.


Each of the winners will receive a goody bag from Foundation containing an assortment of Foundation gift items.

In addition, the winners will be featured in our “Under the Spotlight” section.

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Replies to This Discussion

Open a 'Learn English' service in Telecentres to teach people easy and primary English.

Thank you Maruf and congratulations you are the first participant of our contest. Your entry is counted. Best :)

Open a "Women & Baby Health Care" service online. And give tips regarding medication specially for Women & Baby's diseases. Thanks

Thank you Mohammad for your participation. your entry is noted.

Deliver financial services (Savings, Loans, Insurance and Investments) through Telecentres to sustain and improve the livelihoods of tribal, rural and urban slum people.

Thank you for the participation. your entry is noted.

Good morning,can i have the question please.

yes please. we are here to help you :)

How can we get more women to avail of telecentre services and digital literacy training

-housemaker women should be provided counselling to learn computers.

-learning centers should be easily acceseble

-interior places must be eqiped with centers with availability of volenteers.

Develop a database of women empowerment thematic issues; including publishing discussions, original writings, research reports, etc. of active female members for sharing it with women groups/networks/associations/colleges and so to make women interesting in and aware on their own issues.

Thank you for the participation. your entry is noted.



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