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Volunteering brings benefits to both society at large and the individual volunteer. .. It makes important contributions, economically as well as socially. It contributes to a more cohesive society by building trust and reciprocity among citizens. Online volunteering is a form of social behaviour, undertaken freely over the Internet, which benefits the community and society at large as well as the volunteer, and which is not driven by financial considerations. ….I had joined the UN online volunteering and I think you can do also and that will give a chance to your organization attract volunteers with the right profile and interest to support your organization’s development initiatives. You provide details on the project to which the volunteer will be contributing and describe how their contribution will integrate with your organization’s objectives. This will allow volunteers to decide whether or not they are interested in supporting your organization in a particular task. I want you to consider that collaboration with volunteers must take place online, and the final product must be submitted over the Internet. Volunteers should not be asked to be physically present at any specific location. Volunteers should also never be requested to make donations in-kind or financial contributions, or to solicit donations from third parties.
Dear friends
Information and Communication technologies have reduced the age-old barriers of time and distance, and have become key drivers of social and economic progress (coated above link) As information society organization (, Telecentre academy ,Ugabytes, tc-mena,) we are more than 4 thousands members and you can imagine if joined the UN volunteer how may we are going to be and how much experience we are going to share and what benefit our community will get for development, ,,,, so please join us and you can share your experiences in English, French or Spanish

this is good example for volunteering

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I think volunteering is an excellent idea as it provides an opportunity to learn and grow. That is the value of globalization – sharing of new ideas, knowledge, technology and know how. It also promotes trust and goodwill among the participants – that is the reward for selfless dedication for the welfare and benefit of others. Volunteering is a “best practice” that should be practiced. We should model social workers and champions and encourage volunteerism in the younger generation. By adopting a more ulterior outlook and global values for the betterment of the community and society and nation states, volunteering can become a positive and guiding force ie building blocks for better community for all. Volunteering also encourages a “ positive social system“ based on good and modern social values.
Thank you for posting and sharing the above resources.
I would like to second Wangchuk Chungyalpa. The purpose of the volunteering online shows a willingness to provide services within an area of expertise .It shows a willingness to contribute as well as learn form others. Information is probably the biggest advantage internet is offering. By contributing one will not only be giving his views but will be representing either directly or indirectly his or her community or organisation thus exposing them to the world wide online community which can lead to opportunities as well as other benefits.



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