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The presence of pornographic materials on the net has adversely affected women .The recent news paper in Zambia reports that some women were involved in the production of pornographic materials on the internet is the source of concern.The ICTs is being used in human tracffiking especially women .The case in point is where two girls were taken by a Condolese for purported jobs, when in the actual sense the man was tracffiking the girls for prosititution early this month.
Are Telecenters providing quality information on the Web or circulate quality information through other forms of ICTs ?????

Are Telecenters creating a conducive environment were all interest of women are represented so that they benefit???????

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Replies to This Discussion

I am very grateful to Emma for starting a discussion on the issue of prornographic materials that adversely affect the women.The perverted peoples take advantages of everything to harvest benefits.The use of women to damage the honor of women is a very old practice and now it is widespread in most countries regardless of religious,cultural and political orientation.The efforts of UN bodies and other agencies may be examined in this regard for the salvation of the women from such humiliating situation.I invite the valuable contributions of learned members to uphold the honor of women.
I think they are doing so given the fact that telecentres empower all community members with in their vicinity with information for development.

This discussion in a way is addressed by what was raised on
Most participants argued that telecentres go beyond the issue of connectivity as they provide an opportunity for accessing and using appropriate digital technologies to solve problems and to promote human development by for instance supporting the community's economic, educational, healthy and social development so as to bridge the digital divide.

Their main focus is not installing equipment and connections, but rather organizing a community so that it can resolve its specific problems, which may vary from one setting to the next.

However, other profit motivated ICT access points like internet cafes frequently offer basic training on how to use e-mail, how to surf the Web or how to chat so that their customers keep coming back.

I think it is here that ICTs are misused because there is no guidance as people are out there to manipulate each other.

In most telecentres i have visited in my country (Uganda), it is mandatory to use the internet to surf pornography. Notices are pinned to forbid telecentre users from doing this. This is a good job!

However, a lot more effort is needed to sensitize people about human trafficking. I have read and heard lots about it but it had never crossed my mind that telecentres can play a role in addressing the issue. Thanks Emma for raising this!!! Am hoping as telecentre users, we shall take the necessary measures in our communities to not only fight health, economic or political problems but also human trafficking.

Thanks Sandra for the nice comment.We may consider to encourage the telecentre operators to raise their voice against using pornographic materials in their telecentres.This is how the telecentres may provide a conducive environment for women's interest.



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