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Telecentre for Disabilities


Telecentre for Disabilities

A group of people working together to promote and improve telecentres knowledge on ICTs development for people with disabilities

Location: Global
Members: 72
Latest Activity: Mar 27, 2013

Telecentre for Disabilities and Disadvantages

This group discuss the role of ICTs for capacity building, empowerment and combating poverty among the people with disabilities in their communities.
ICTs offer individuals the ability to compensate for disabled people to access knowledge by adapting digital media to the nature of their disabilities, and to enhance their social and economic integration in community.
The use (ICT) in special needs education (SNE) is very high on the political agendas of countries.
ICTs can open new vistas for disabled people and making a world of difference
Let us working together, we are confident that we can, indeed, make bright future.
We have a dream our world will be forever bright and green.

18% of the world population lives with some kind of disability,
10% - more than 600 million people - live with life-altering disabilities
Two thirds of disabled people live in developing countries.

Comment Wall

Comment by Nabil Eid on January 2, 2009 at 9:07pm
Dear Angelica,
Many thanks for joining Telecentre for disabilities group
We will work together to promote and support ICTs for children with disabilities in our world to make a better and grain future for disabled
Comment by Nabil Eid on January 3, 2009 at 10:47pm
Dear Cuchie,
Thanks a lot for joining Telecentre for disabilities group.
Comment by Sandra Nassali on January 5, 2009 at 6:18pm
Hello Nabil, thank you for the invitation, it's great work here. People with disabilities have a lot of positive roles that they can play in any society given the fact that most of them are gifted by nature.

Also, looking at the fact that they are given local, national regional and international recognition today, its imperative that as an influential movement around the globe today and most importantly with in our communities, we (telecentres) get to deal with this issue.

Development in all societies is complementary, a level that can be achieved through combined efforts. People with disabilities also have a great role to play in this.

Am hoping that in this group, points that shall be raised will help to look at how telecentres , in general can help foster socio-economic development in their communities by incorporating people with disabilities in their curriculum/ development missions and objectives.

Comment by Nabil Eid on January 5, 2009 at 7:42pm
Dear Sandra,
First many thanks for joining this group.

I'd like to inform you, We can planning to promote and use ICTs for development disabled people in the world.
I suggest for planning to build "Telecentre Academy for Disabilities". And we can discuss this matter with "Shady, Meddie, you, Ahmed from Sudan, Claire… and all members in Telecentre community, and we can share together to built curriculum , development missions and objectives for promote disabled people in our world.
Comment by Meddie Mayanja on January 7, 2009 at 1:51am

Thanks for staring this group. This is a very important issue for telecentres community to discuss. I know that you are one of those who have done alot in this area
Comment by Nabil Eid on January 7, 2009 at 4:04pm
Hello Meddie,
A lot thanks Meddie for joining this group and great to see you in Telecentre for disabilities group.
Am sure you and all members in Telecentre community will make this group a stronger in development disabilities issues .
Let us work together to make a difference world for disabled people in telecentre community.
Comment by Nabil Eid on January 8, 2009 at 3:15pm
Hello Klara,
Thanks for joining Telecentre disabilities group. your contribution is very important to discuss in disabilities issues.
Comment by Nabil Eid on January 11, 2009 at 2:44pm
Blind girls Pass the ICDL Exam with Arabic Hal Screen Reader
Jordanian Girls Pass the ICDL Exam with Arabic Hal Screen Reader
In Amman, Jordan when a group of 16 Jordanian blind girls passed the ICDL exam with two girls achieving higher scores. What made such an event unique is the fact that the blind girls took the Arabic ICDL exam without any sighted help. The girls obtained training in the Saudi Jordanian Institute for the Blind in Amman which qualified them to take the exam. The exam was offered and supervised by the UNESCO’s office in Jordan.
The institute celebrated the success of the 16 blind girls in the presence of H. H. Prince Raed Bin Zaid, H.E. the Minster of Islamic Affairs in Jordan, H. E. the Saudi Ambassador to Jordan as well as representatives of the UNESCO’s office in Amman. Nattiq’s representative in Jordan, Mr. Mohammed Al-Shara, attended the ceremony and received a certificate of appreciation from H. H. Prince Raed Bin Zaid for Nattiq’s role in facilitating the tools required for blind users to take the ICDL exam.
Nattiq invested considerable resources to enable its State-Of-The-Art Arabic screen reader, Hal, access all required ICDL materials and exams. Hal enables blind people to access standard computer systems which opens to them doors of opportunities in pursuing challenging careers and advanced education.
Nattiq rewarded Miss. Hanan Al-Gharagheer and Miss. Rafeeda Al-Jawazmeh with a gift of Talks mobile phone screen reader for achieving the highest two overall scores in the ICDL test.
“A few blind users in the Middle East passed the ICDL in the past, but they always required extensive help from a sighted person which defeats the purpose of proving that blind users can be completely independent in achieving any IT task. Arabic Hal screen reader provided those bright young ladies with the independence they were hoping to obtain in taking the ICDL exam. As a result, they succeeded magnificently”, said Auda Hazeem, Nattiq’s CEO.
Comment by ShaarawyAbdElbaky on January 11, 2009 at 7:57pm
Comment by ShaarawyAbdElbaky on January 11, 2009 at 7:58pm
Vision and objective
Ofok is dedicated to bring IT literacy to as many people as possible. We are therefore offering basic IT courses from well-known companies such as Cisco Systems and Sun Microsystems completely free. That’s right! Students will be taught by an instructor for free, and gain access to the online curriculum for free. Additionally, there will be a discount for exams… And anyone can partake in this endeavor!

How it works
Universities and high schools who wish to partake in this initiative can do so in alliance with the Digital Academy. An Ofok ambassador will head a group of Ofok volunteers – known as a chapter – in each university or high-school. In the high school, the chapter will select a group of students from each year group who will then teach the basics of IT to all the students in their year.

Within the university campus, the chapter will ideally consist of students from the
Faculty of Engineering who have a passion for IT. Within the university, the chapter will select a faculty team leader from each faculty. The faculty team leader will then recruit local faculty members who will act as mentors teaching the basics of IT to all members of his or her faculty.

Ofok will first begin its contribution to ICT for All by offering IT Essentials: PC
Hardware and Software through the Cisco Networking Academy Program and Free Open
Source Softwaren Essentials through the Sun Academic Initiative. All
certificates will be internationally recognized and issued directly from Cisco and Sun.
However it doesn’t stop here – there’s a reward! The chapter to have trained the largest number of people will be awarded free advanced ICT and business courses in Digital Academy. This will be the reward for those who strived hardest in our noble goal to reduce IT literacy in Egypt!

Knowing the basics of IT is the first and an essential step for any kind of development. Think about it… Information sharing on a wide variety of issues such as famine, disease, health treatments, educational and literacy programs has completely revolutionized our lives. The internet has made life better for everyone – and with technology becoming more advanced and more widespread, the potential for online learning, improved communications and setting up e-businesses will continue to grow. Of course, for all this to happen, it has to start somewhere. Learning computer fundamentals is only just the start, and we at Ofok feel very proud to participate in this endeavor!

Ofok NGO for Human Development

15 Ofok ambassadors have been selected for this project to promote ICT among young people with the mission to inspire others of their own age to gain ICT training. It encourages the development of young people through giving them the opportunity to fulfill their potential by developing their interpersonal and IT skills.

Road map into the future
As Ofok, our intention is to increase the level of education in Egypt. We plan to provide advanced technology courses by working in close alliance with students and young people by forming community groups. The final aim being… To empower the youth!


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Members (72)


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Vida Gabe commented on Nabil Eid's blog post Nabil Eid, Free eBook "Disability and Bridging the Digital Divide"
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Samjhana Bhandari posted a status
"Nepal Children n Women Welfare Society is a free Digital Literacy, ICT in Education & Entrepreneur training facilitator."
Mar 19
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Feb 23
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"Hi! all I have not been to this site for a while and I feel Net Africa need to bring back of the members on board"
Feb 23
Nabil Eid commented on Nabil Eid's blog post Nabil Eid, Free eBook "Disability and Bridging the Digital Divide"
Feb 10
Claire Peque Fernandez commented on Nabil Eid's blog post Nabil Eid, Free eBook "Disability and Bridging the Digital Divide"
Feb 9

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