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Telecentre Manager :"GTA 2013" : Mr Nandana Madugalle: Nenasala Teldeniya

Implemented by the ICT Agency of Sri Lanka under the E-Sri Lanka initiative. Teldeniya was one of the rural and disconnected villages in Kandy district before the implementation of Nenasala in the area. Managed by the entrepreneur model, Teldeniya Nenasalas’ success story is a result of the dedication and hard work of the Nenasala staff over the past few years.
Nandana Madugalle, aged 27 is a resident of Teldeniya. Nandana joined to Nenasala on 03rd November 2007as a Manager. That time, Nenasala possessed limited resources such as only the 3 computers and there were limited students to follow the IT classes.The early stage of his service, Nandana was assigned with few responsibilities to conduct the IT classes for students. As the Nenasala services expanded, Nandana’s role as a Manager included multiple tasks and responsibilities. Over the last 5 years of service, Nandana has improved his personality and maintains friendly attitudes towards the community. Nandana is a good team player who supports his staff
Before the implementation of Nenasala remained as one of the least connected rural villages of the province where IT was considered as a luxury., over the past 5 years with Nenasala services, digital literacy rate of the village has being improved. ‘










as a result, Nenasala could attract a large number of students for Nenasala IT classes. Most of the students are keen on participating to the IT classes Nandana was able to deliver successful ‘ classes among the students. Nenasala gradually expanded their activities as they could serve not only the students, but the different sectors of the community such as agriculture, trade, government employees, youth.















Nandana equally contributed this programme with his full potential as he could better serve his community with his expertise. Specially, he contributed to co-operate social responsibility related activities carried out by the Nenasala. For instance, there was a programme which was focused on benefiting the children coming with low income families. Nandana volunteered to conduct free IT classes for children.
Nandana took the leadership in carrying out a counselling service for the parents and he conducted parents meetings to ensure the future of their children. Added to that, , Nandana took part in community development program’s in rural societies in the area and he assisted the community in various ways. In further supporting co-operate social responsibility initiatives of the Nenasala, Nandana initiated a scholarship programme for the children of war heroes in the area.















This scholarship programme was well recognized by the community’ Nandana could successfully complete the programme with positive feedback received from the beneficiaries.
Nenasala has assisted most of the government and community based organizations in the area to computerize their data. Also, Nenasala is a recognized IT institute in the area and he organizes workshops for the youth in personality development. He was successful in obtaining the support from the resource persons in the area. Today, Nenasala is a reputed IT resource centre in the area. Nenasala provide IT to all the community based organizations and government organizations in the area. Nandana participates by coordinating the respective organizations with Nenasala.
 With Nandana's ability in building strong -
relationships with the organizations and institutions in the area, Nenasala could easily get sponsorships for the activities.Nandana has managerial skills in resource mobilization as he is capable of efficient and effective use of resources available. He has helped with her expertise in finalizing a resource mobilization plan for the Nenasala and he has always fulfilled his duties
Nandana Manages all the financial accounts and documents of the Nenasala activities and he generates monthly reports on financial transactions which is really helpful in understanding a financial stability of the Nenasala and planning out future Nenasala activities. Nenasala has achieved its financial sustainability and could obtained assets worth over one million due to its successful resource mobilization.In every year, Nenasala prepares an activity planner and organize various projects and activities. Nandana takes the leadership in documentations and reports generation of all activities and share the responsibilities also he is capable of maintaining friendly relationships with his co-staff, Nenasala partners and Nenasala users’
Nandana initiated is that he implemented an IT programme for the journalist in area’s and he conducted training sessions for them. He assisted the newspaper reporters in the area to document their article in computers and communicate with their news agents via emails and skype. It built a cordial relationship between Nenasala and the journalists and as a result Nenasala has no difficulty in publicizing the Nenasala events via the public media with free of charge.













To give a valuable Certificate we registered under the Tertiary and Vocational Education Commission. The registered No-P09/0140


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