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[Freedom Fone News] Unleashed! Freedom Fone version 2.0


Freedom Fone Version 2.0 now available:

Freedom Fone makes it easy to build interactive, two way, phone based information services using audio voice menus, voice messages, SMS and polls. The DIY platform is accessible, user-friendly, low-cost, global and does not require Internet access for users and callers alike. It takes advantage of audio to address language and literacy barriers when reaching out to the millions of people living on the margins of the information society.

Download the software:

Our free open source software is available for download from our website.

Please note the file size is 967MB and that the downloaded .iso file must be burnt to a DVD. If you're in a bandwidth constrained country, request a DVD. Don't forget that when you run the Freedom Fone installer it will overwrite the data on your hard drive. Alternatively test out the software with the online demo.

What's new?

Version 2.0 has many notable improvements, including the eagerly awaited nested menu functionality, making it much easier for users to build multilingual voice menus. Read more about version 2.0's improved functionality.

This version includes native support for the Office Route, a highly recommended 4-sim GSM SIP gateway that handles voice and SMS. Please see our website for details regarding the specifics of the licence needed for the Office Route to work with Freedom Fone.

The users guides are still being completed, our apologies! But in the meantime please use the community forum to ask questions and share user experiences.

Other useful links:


Freedom Fone - voices bridging the information divide:


Is Freedom Fone for me?

  • Not-for-profits, NGOs or service organisations: Audio and SMS are a powerful combination - use them to reach an offline or illiterate constituency.
  • Radio stations or media organisations: Gather audio voice messages and SMS's from radio listeners and enable journalists/citizen reporters to file audio reports from the field. Consider using the SMS poll feature to test opinion.
  • Election monitoring: Receive first hand audio reports from the field via voice messages before, during and after elections. Provide short news updates using voice menus.

What do I need to get started?

  • A desire to communicate
  • The latest Freedom Fone software
  • A dedicated computer
  • GSM device/s
  • Live sim card/s
  • A microphone
  • An audio recorder for off-site recordings
  • Free audio editing software e.g. Audacity

Click for more details on these requirements.

Deployment news:

Freedom Fone has established a wide local and international network of followers. During 2010 there were 1616 downloads of the free software. Deployment uses of Freedom Fone include:

  • Edutainment micro audio drama, which deals with sexual harassment in the workplace - Zimbabwe
  • Agriculture related information - Tanzania and Ghana
  • Community radio stations alternative and complementary communication channel - Zimbabwe, South Africa and Ghana
  • Youth life skills and education in engaging, entertaining audio formats - Cambodia
  • Election monitoring for public to report election violations during the parliamentary elections - Egypt
  • Rape and gender based violence information for rape survivors - Democratic Republic of Congo 
  • Monitoring corruption at road blocks - Tanzania
  • Constitution making process to engage the public - Zimbabwe


Novel idea or using Freedom Fone already?
Do you have a novel, interesting idea of how Freedom Fone could be used? Or are you already using Freedom Fone but haven't yet been in touch, to let us know what you're using Freedom Fone for? If so please tell us more!

Freedom Fone expands:
We are currently looking for champions, volunteers, translators, CakePHP developers, trainers and global organisations to partner with.

Next steps:
If you are interested in using Freedom Fone we are available to answer any questions, provide you with more information and to assist with virtual technical support. We also offer consultancy and support services.

Media & PR:
If you would like a press statement, more information, images or an interview - please contact us.

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