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How can baby with down syndrome learn, and what can learn in the womb?

What training and technical assistance provided, and is it helpful?
The ability of ICT to offer specific software in these areas is still outstanding.

Down's syndrome can be diagnosed before birth (prenatally). During pregnancy, there are two types of tests that can be done to look for Down's syndrome, a screening test and a diagnostic test.
To screened for Down syndrome, the dating scan and the nuchal translucency scan can be carried out at the same time, between 11 weeks and 13 weeks.
When fetal reaches 23 weeks the recent research indicates that a variety of stimulation while babies are in the womb is the start to building and promoting cognitive development. From playing music to reading to physical interaction in utero, stimulated babies are able to begin life with an advantage, being born with what some researchers consider more confidence in themselves and the ability to learn more easily. In addition to stimulating and purposefully interacting with the baby, staying relaxed and keeping stress levels at a minimum for the mother are also necessary for promoting fetal brain development.

The key question. Can these experiments also applied on fetuses with down syndrome?
Does baby with Down syndrome ready to learn anything in the womb?
The test of learning can certainly help baby natural cognitive development by interacting with his/her mother, and this includes singing and talking. By reading stories, playing music, or even just talking to baby, and the experience is a simple form of learning in the womb, according to a number of studies.
However, some experts say that we can't rule out the possibility that learning happens after birth, rather than before it. Also, even if teaching unborn baby is possible, there's little proof that it has any long-lasting, beneficial effect.

How can baby with down syndrome learn, and what can learn in the womb?
Is this training program early intervention before birth (prenatally) and during pregnancy offer helps babies and toddlers with developmental delays or disabilities.

What training and technical assistance provided, and is it helpful?
We know a child with Down syndrome has many problems in attention, concentration, learning, thinking, memory, perception, reading and writing.  
So what are the appropriate programs and software that is available and which would be of particular benefit to pregnant mothers in the last three months of pregnancy?

There are three main ways that babies are thought to learn in the womb: 
Learning by experiences: Babies recognise familiar voices and music they heard in the womb, and are soothed by them after birth.

For example, communicating exploring and thinking programs.
Learning by repetition: For example, training by repetition, communication, language and reading stories via computer programs.
Learning by association: baby maybe learn to connect certain experiences to the way by feeling at the time.

However, The ability of ICT to offer specific software in these areas is still outstanding.

And I mention again what the experts say: Baby will probably be able to remember certain sounds and tastes from the womb after born. When play music to baby in the womb, his/her heart rate may increase and may move more.

In the same way, baby may also show recalls and is comforted by other noises heard while in the womb. These could be the theme tune of favourite TV programme or a story frequently read out loud. see (Will my baby learn anything in the womb?)

Sensory and brain mechanisms for hearing are developed at 30 weeks of gestational age, and the new study shows that unborn babies are listening to their mothers talk during the last 10 weeks of pregnancy and at birth can demonstrate what they’ve heard and there's no evidence that experiences can increase development skills to baby with down syndrome. However, hearing voice may help baby to recognise and bond with mother after birth.
“The mother has first dibs on influencing the child’s brain,” said Patricia Kuhl, co-author and co-director of the Institute for Learning & Brain Sciences at the University of Washington. “The vowel sounds in her speech are the loudest units and the fetus locks onto them.”
Through the deep search, I couldn't find and reach to any information on this study about cognitive development for fetuses with down syndrome, but just a suggestion to many developmental experts, researchers, and pediatricians, maybe they find possible solutions for this idea!

Nabil Eid
Telecentre Foundation
ICT Accessibility & Telecentre Foundation, MIDDLE EAST SPECIALIST
Twitter: @nabileid1

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