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Innovative Task Of Udubaddawa Nenasala Telecentre (Empowering Grassroot)

Udubaddawa Nisala Telecentre is in Srilanka. It is matter to happy that Foundation and SPARK (the 4th Global Forum on Telecentres) are launching of the first ever Global Telecentre Awards. In Srilanka Information Communication Technology Agency Of Srilanka(ICTA) has already taken necessary steps to implement the TELECENTRE NETWORK at Grassroots level in island wide. In that case our telecentre was initiated 5th of October 2008 as Udubaddawa Nisala Telecentre. Udubaddawa NISALA telecentre is 566 Telecentre in Srilanka at Udubaddawa A.G.A. Division of Kurunegala district under the Srilankan 1000 telecentre project concept of the president of Srilanka and the government. With a large number of Distance Learning Education Centers, Empowering grass-root Level at Village Level our telecentre Specialized for empowering ICT and English Language. Udubaddawa NISALA Nenasala does multitasking duties for entire Public based on ICT.

We Udubaddawa Nenasala doing English Language development programme in above nenasala centres. That has been a good sustainable task to my telecentre. Because there is a strong link between ICT and English Language. And also still in Srilanka English literacy is in less than 50 percentages. So it is essential to increase that percentage whatever way we can. Not only that I have been able to give 20 job opportunities to unemployed youth in our area as English teachers. . Actually whole these opportunities given by this Valuable Telecentre Network. So I think introducing this kind of program to other world telecentre network they also able to take advantages of this. That was a great determination to us. When teaching English at the village level where situated our distance education centre in far away from the regional city and our teachers go to the separate centers day by day in weekdays and weekend where situated in temples, public halls and religious places. Our teachers use smart phones as tool of teaching.
Not only that we want to implement the IT training in good way from our telecentre. We study them and formed new IT courses to both kids and adults. And also we were able to do webinars (Skype conference) with the help of the resource persons from universities.

And also we udubaddawa telecentre is launching a new telecentre promoting program me. We nominated is as “propaganda road show task”. Here we have decorated a three wheeler for propaganda vehicle. I hope to make aware all rural public people about telecentre services and activities. And also already I have done several programmers at village level and villagers highly appreciated our program me to uplift the telecentre. In the other hand especially students get enjoy from our program me.
Before doing this kind of program me I found it is difficult to make aware the public. Especially village area people always busy with their day today works. So I find it easy to access the village area people by this task. And also by this task we normally go into their door steps and make aware all the services and activities done by Nisala telecentre.

In 2009 we got opportunity to work in financial field also. It means we as Udubaddawa Nisala telecentre joined hand with the SANASA DEVELOPMENT BANK of Srilanka. That is a development bank registered under the central bank of Srilanka. SANASA is a one of grass root levels well established name in Srilanka. Now there is a Sanasa development bank savings unit in our telecentre. The goal of this savings centre project is eradicate the poverty in Srilanka. At the moment we are accepting only deposits (savings and fixed) only. Kuliyapitiya branch coordinates all the duties with our Nenasala centre. We do Rs.50000.00 loan projects to those who are self-employed. Already our telecntre was able to create client base with more than 500 members as customers with kids, women, men and societies who are facilitating from us. In here we do again multi tasks. Our center target is to become a Sanasa Developent center approved by the central bank of srilanka.

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Comment by C.Ashok on February 28, 2013 at 12:55pm

Share you blog with us >>>> Nenasala Blog

Comment by Niranjan Meegammana on February 28, 2013 at 2:06am

Santusha is one of the best telecentre managers who sustained the telecentre ideals. I first met when we were expanding Shilpa Sayura to 100 Nenasala through ICTA E-Society RAP Grants in 2008. Udubaddawa Neanasala becoming a regional support center, implemented Shilpa Sayura in Telecentres in Kurunegala/ Puttlam districts. Since then I had observed his dedication in teaching ICT, English and Developing youth education and economy. In a perieod it had been hard to sustain telecentres at temples without government assistance, Udubaddawa Telecentre managed by Santhusha found way out to be sustainable early making multi-stake holder partnerships with school, Non Profits and State organisations to provide Telecentre services to his community. He used innovative methods to popularise Telecentre in a stiff competition from establish local, regional and ICT companies. His education services powered by English Teaching, ICT, Shilpa Sayura and ICTA assistance were unique and provided higher quality for youth. Local schools considered him as a friend, opened their doors to Telecentre.

Udubaddawa expanded it self to the region from their community partnering with other telecentres to create a "Nenasala" Brand for learning ICT. Sri Lanka which experimented Telecentre model with localising as "Nenasala" had faced an uphill task in sustaining them without government subsidies and technical support. Udubaddawa Nenasala Telecentre mad use of every E-Soceity strategic investments like "Shilpa Sayura" , GIC, English Content, Vidumina etc to deliver valueble content to community. Among many sustained Telecentres in Sri Lanka, Udubaddawa Nenasala represents a truly success story of a Global Telecentre.

Comment by S Gavashkar on February 27, 2013 at 6:20pm

Good work Santhusha.....

Comment by C.Ashok on February 27, 2013 at 6:12pm



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