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Lak Aruna Tele Centre - Making A Difference

LakAruna  Tele Centre was formed in 2002 with the main objective of introducing computer technology and making a difference in the lives of the people of village of Hingurukaduwa.

Hingurukaduwa is a beautiful small village situated in the eastern foothills of the Namunukula mountain range in Uva province of Sri Lanka.


This is our story -


The project was initiated as a means of acquiring education and knowledge to improve the way of lives of villagers. Starting from a single computer with no internet connection and a bunch of curious little faces flocking around it, who have never seen a computer before in their lives, we have come a long way, overcoming many challenges along the way.


Lak Aruna web site showcases how effectively these children from a rural setting have taken up the challenges in embracing new technology.

ational Television Coverage of Lak Aruna Centre

Video URL -
Since English is not our native language, our students had special emphasis on improving their English skills. As a result, English knowledge of the students have increased to a level not seen in this village before.  Today our organization is also assisting students with their math & science education as well. We hope to introduce e-leaning techniques to further enhance this process 




Our vision for the future is to further evolve our technological education program around marketable skills while introducing a new sustainable employment model for the qualified students who do not manage to secure a place in a University. We think creating IT related employment in a rural village like ours would be an immense strength to the economy of the village as well as the future IT education of the younger generation.

When we strive to promote IT education in village, our aim is to conduct these activities in an manner that is environmental friendly. Thus our centre also organizes activities to preserve environment and bio diversity of village.


See the video for our activities - videotaped by students

Video URL -


Nenasala TeleCentre - 2007

We were provided Nenasala TeleCentre by Information Communication Agancy Of Sri Lanka. It was the turning point of our organization. Through this project we could obtain internet faccilities at the first time. Through this project we have beeing providing great servise to our community.

The new building for our centre 


Special workshops for villagers
We are giving special training to elder communities Ex.. Agriculture, Family Caregivers, Life Skills etc:-




Helping Village Youth and older communities
We trained many people from the village to use computers and Internet to be used in their current jobs. We believe in grass root and practical IT development.

Dinesh Sanjeewa's Blog

Hingurukaduwa Sub Postmaster's Blog

Shyaman's Blog


Our E - Learning Portal


Empowering surrounding villages with small Telecenters

We have helped to establish two more IT centers, one at Miyanakandura Ethpattiya and another at Lunugala colony, which are about 15 km away from our village. ICTA provided the necessary funding for these centers and we initiated the process and helped them to get setup using our expertise.




e - Learning Activities

We use e-learning techniques extensively for English education programs at Lak Aruna. While deploying these methods at our center, we are also actively involved in improving and developing new e-learning tools and methods, which would benefit the education system as a whole. According to our experience, e-learning is a highly effective way of transferring knowledge to rural areas equipped with computer facilities.


Four of our members are now trainee software developers at an international company in Colombo
Members who left school are receiving a great opportunity to undergo further training at an Internationally reputed IT company in Colombo.

Our new Lak Aruna building will now have a outsourced center of Codegen international for our members to work in software development projects and ensure that our center is self sustainable to make a difference in thousands of more students in future.

Our Partners
We believe the success of our journey is based on gathering right people and partnering with them to make them an active part of our story.  Here are some of the partners that enabled us in making a difference a reality.

ICT Agency of Sri lanka
Lak Saviya
Codegen International

AIESEC - Sri Lanka
Further reference:

More About LakAruna - Download

Loca And International Volunteer Support - Download

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Comment by Jayantha Ratnayake on March 20, 2013 at 3:20pm

Well, what do I say. This is an amazing journey for the village I enjoyed my childhood. I never dreamed that Hinguru Kaduwa would turn out to be the hub of the Moneragala District when it comes to IT. I really admire the enormous effort taken by Srimal Janaka, Founder of Lakaruna and his team. I had the opportunity to visit Lakaruna few years ago and was delighted to see so many young kids learning computer applications and English language. My hats off to Srimal and his team for the wonderful work they do at Nanasela in Hinguru Kaduwa.

Comment by Gavin Britto on March 18, 2013 at 1:21am

With over ten year of experience it has come a long way. Lak Aruna is a shining example of community based service to the rest of the world. I personally know that your organization has made ground breaking achievements in developing ICT literacy in villages. This is only the foundation for many more great things to come.

Comment by Niranjan Meegammana on March 6, 2013 at 9:45am

Hingurukaduwa Nenasala aka Lak aruna Telecentre was one of most interesting Telecentres that I learned how best telecentres could be used to develop youth. It's amazing how they used Shilpa Sayura to engage youth in education through e learning.

Comment by S Gavashkar on February 28, 2013 at 1:43pm

Great achievements.


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