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Meet your 100 Outstanding Telecentre Women Managers and vote for the best in each Region! Foundation is pleased to announce that the Global Search for 100 Outstanding Telecentre Women Managers is finally over! After weeks of tallying votes and reviewing submissions, we're introducing the Top 100 candidates selected under the competition as part of the Telecentre Women: Digital Literacy Campaign, a joint initiative from the ITU and Foundation.

Candidates were nominated from 34 countries around the world and the top 100 were selected by esteemed panels of judges from regional telecentre networks in Africa, Asia-Pacific, Eurasia, Europe, Latin America & the Caribbean, and the Middle East and North Africa. Note: Public voting for the Most Outstanding Telecentre Women Managers for each of the six regions was recently concluded and the announcement of winners is expected to be released some time this week, so stay tuned.

Below is the final list of the 100 Outstanding Telecentre Women Managers for 2011, by Region. Congratulations to the women who made the list and thank you to everyone who sent in their submissions!


  1. Alima Traore
  2. Annie Ikiara
  3. Christine Kalekye Muema
  4. Rhobai Musimbi
  5. Salamatu Yinyuy Sule


  1. Zenith Rivas
  2. Wathsala Prabhashini Ariyarathne
  3. Vivian Andalahao
  4. Sooriyakanthi Wasana Samarakoon
  5. Saiyud Phoonsawat
  6. Rebecca Ouanon
  7. Phorntip Klomdee
  8. Mangalika Kumari Wijesundara
  9. Lynette Ysalina
  10. Leilani Diaz
  11. Kotivila Vithagane Sriyani Bandaranayake
  12. Keshani Gamarathna
  13. Kanlaya Karwsom
  14. J.M. Renuka Niroshani Jayasooriya
  15. Hasitha Dharshani Kodithuwakku
  16. Gelly Maypa
  17. GA Deepika Priyadharshani
  18. G.D. Saman Malkanthai
  19. Ashani Dilangika Manodhara
  20. Aruni Deepika
  21. Angelita Nicolas
  22. Priyangika Kumari Jayasekara
  23. D.K.R. Anoma Kumarasinghe


  1. Ludmile Ulyeva
  2. Tamara Shevchenko
  3. Irina Kotkina
  4. Alla Kostishko
  5. Natalia Bernaga
  6. Olga Kochetkova
  7. Dina Bryuske
  8. Bugalcha Nishanova
  9. Anna Nizkodubova
  10. Irina Sarancha
  11. Oksana Shmilyk
  12. Tatiana Gerasyuta
  13. Susana Khachatryan
  14. Anna Meshishena
  15. Maria Boico
  16. Nino Todua
  17. Valentina Galushko
  18. Mariyat Artyukhova
  19. Alma Jafarova
  20. Vera Stoeva


  1. Ana Besoli Castells
  2. Angeles Castillo Cortes
  3. Ester Collado Martinez
  4. Kuti Imréné
  5. Loreta Krizinauskiene
  6. Luisa Miralles
  7. Luisa Roman Jimenez
  8. Paloma Hernández Sánchez
  9. Rosalia Jimenez Repiso
  10. Sara Mora Tormo

Latin America & the Caribbean

  1. Susana Iris Ebeling
  2. Adriana María Pérez
  3. Luz Marina Astorga Rojas
  4. Erna Marlene Kittseiner Olea
  5. Aida Consuelo Castro
  6. Frau Silvina
  7. Marta Isabel Xuniga Varona
  8. Alicia Guerrero
  9. Claudia Lorena Gomez Muñoz
  10. Norma Maribel González Ramírez
  11. Angie Marcela DeGracia Saucedo
  12. Elsa Patricia Galicia de Alonso
  13. María de Los Angeles Lucero
  14. Karen Jerez Armijo
  15. Sirlen Yudisa Manzanarez
  16. María Da Gloria López Figueroa
  17. Sonia Gricelda Rojas Alfonso
  18. Vilma Aravena Olate
  19. Antonia Del Carmen Antileo Ñanco
  20. Carmen Encarna Cáceres Rocha
  21. Vanessa Guerra
  22. Doris Montoya
  23. Oliva Marcela Rojas Narvaez
  24. Liliana Cristina Vicente Dos Santos
  25. Natalie Coccio
  26. Elenis Robles
  27. Marta Alicia Castillo López
  28. Carmen Guerra
  29. Carmen Astrid Duque Tangarife
  30. Maritza Espinoza

Middle East and North Africa

  1. Seema Saady AlKabi
  2. Seham Al Jaafareh
  3. Ola Morsy Morsy Abd Al Aziz
  4. Mona Mohamed Hashim
  5. Rasha Essmat Hassan Hussein Tawfik
  6. Amani Fahmy Mohamed Hassan
  7. Assmaa Mahmoud Osman
  8. Rania Adnan Zeidan
  9. Lisa Ibrahim al-Sayyid Ibrahim
  10. Rania Abdel Azim Hussein
  11. Raghida Hanna Tama
  12. Sarah Abdel-Malak


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Comment by Leilani Diaz Pavilando on December 3, 2011 at 7:30pm

Being among those nominated is an affirmation of the relevant services rendered to those unserved and underserved members of our community. Reaching out and bridging the digital divide to empower them is a challenge to everyone of us. Let me congratulate therefore each and everyone who were nominated and even those who were not but are providing the same commitment and dedication to serve. The ultimate measure of what we do is how we made a difference in the lives of those we touched. So therefore let us not grow weary in doing more!

Comment by Zenith D. Rivas on December 3, 2011 at 11:18am

I would like to take this opportunity to thank organizers and the Asia-Pacific communities for believing me and have me included in this global search for 100 Outstanding Telecentre Women Managers. This is indeed a great and inspirational break-through for all women especially those who are included. This has inspired me a lot to aim higher and keep doing for more community responsive ICT-services for my people.


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