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ULAB, BIID hosts WPS Journal Launching on ICT4D

ULAB MSJ and Bangladesh Institute of ICT in Development (BIID) jointly hosted the launching of the first issue of the ICT for Development Working Paper Series on December 15, 2011. The Working Paper Series aims to articulate, capture and document success stories, best practices, lessons learnt and shortcomings of ICT4D projects or researches in developing countries.

For its first issue, the journal contains six articles illustrating the potential of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to benefit the bottom of the pyramid in terms of participatory governance, access to banking services and increased agricultural productivity. The line-up is as follows:

* Bottom of the Pyramid Expenditure Patterns on Mobile Phone Services in Selected Emerging Asian Countries by Aileen Agüero and Harsha de Silva
* Mobile banking: Overview of Regulatory Framework in Emerging Markets by Rasheda Sultana
* Factors Affecting e-Government Assimilation in Developing Countries by Boni Pudjianto and Zo Hangjung
* Inclusive Development through e-Governance: Political Economy of e-Government Projects in Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, and Kerala in India by Rajendra Kumar
* New Media, Knowledge Acquisition and Participatory Governance in Rural Bangladesh by Jude William Genilo and Marium Akther
* e-Krishok: A Campaign to Promote Agricultural Information and Services through ICT by Shahid Uddin Akbar, Parvez Mohd. Asheque, Shariful Islam

The journal’s Editorial Advisory Board consists of important names in the field of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to include:

M. Asaduzzaman, Ph D Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies (BIDS), Bangladesh
Michel Gurstein, Ph D Centre for Community Informatics Research, Development and Training, Canada
Tim Unwin, Ph D Royal Holloway, University of London, United Kingdom
Jude William Genilo, Ph D University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh, Bangladesh
Charlotte Masiello-Riome Communications Strategy Advisor, United Kingdom
Md Shahid Uddin Akbar Bangladesh Institute of ICT in Development, Bangladesh

The target audience of this journal are those who wish to learn how to encourage adoption of ICT, applications and impact assessment, and also researchers who are interested in the diffusion of ICT for developmental projects in developing countries. Therefore, the target audience includes ICT service providers, policymakers, and academics/researchers, students of social science, information systems, and information technology and development studies.

Academics/researchers/practitioners are invited to submit their work that addresses issues related to adoption, diffusion, and implementation and monitoring/impact assessment of ICT for development projects in developing countries. In fact, ICT4D being a crosscutting issue the working paper series will feature writing from almost any sectors or area namely E-Agriculture, E-Livelihood, E-Governance, E-Health, E-Education, E-Commerce, E-SME, E-Environment, Climate Change, etc in relation to ICT. The WPS encourages papers that are problem-finding, problem solving, forward-looking, sharing relevant experiences and investigating controversial and important issues.

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