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Under the Spotlight: Mr. Ammar Jaffri of Pakistan

UNDER THE SPOTLIGHT is a section where we share inspiring stories of members and partners through brief interviews. In this article, we feature Mr Ammar Jaffri, Chairman of the ICT4D and Cyber Security Task Force of Pakistan. 

TCF: Tell us briefly about your organization and the work that you do.

Ammar: Pakistan Institute of ICT s for development ( started its first project E-Village ( in 2009 from a village near Islamabad (Merabagwal). The basic objective was to reach out to the unserved sector of Pakistan through ICTs. After extending the project to over 100 villages, we started to organize at the District level (E-District). Concept Note of E-District is attached. After extending the project in 12 Districts of Pakistan, now our final objective is ‘Re-Build Pakistan through E-Pakistan ‘


TCF: Describe your role in the organization.

Ammar: I am the Chief Executive of the organization.


TCF: What are your current major ICT for development (ICT4D) initiatives and who are your target beneficiaries?

Ammar:Our current initiatives include:

  • E-village Project – This involves setting up telecenters at  grassroots level in villages. Details of the project can be found at
  • E-District Initiative – District is the administrative unit in Pakistan. In partnership with government organizations, local universities and technology partners, we are establishing an ecosystem to bring all stakeholders of change on the same page.


TCF: Can you tell us more about your training related initiatives – what types of training do you focus on, who are your target participants, etc?

Ammar: Basically, we provide the following types of training:

  • Basic Computer skills
  • Understanding of ICTs
  • Entrepreneurship for economic empowerment
  • E-Health/E-agriculture initiatives


TCF: What are the main outcomes and achievements of your ICT4D initiatives? What about your training related initiatives in particular?

Ammar: So far, we have achieved the following:

  • Our students in villages are getting better jobs in cities
  • Better understanding of ICTs in rural areas.
  • All relevant stakeholders are being educated to be on the same page in the development sector.


TCF: How many people have so far benefited from your training related initiatives? How many percent of this are women?

Ammar: Over 8,000 individuals, around 45% of which are women and girls.


TCF: Kindly cite some success stories as a result of your initiatives and share some photos and links to support these.

Ammar: Success stories can be found in our International Women's Day post-event report.

TCF: Great to hear about the work that you and your organization have been doing in Pakistan. Thank you for granting us this interview and for sharing your story with us.

About Ammar Jaffri

Ammar Jaffri is the Chairman of the ICT4D and Cyber Security Task Force of Pakistan, making him Pakistan’s primary contact person in several international fora dealing with cyber security. He also holds the following distinctive positions: pioneering head of NR3C, founding president of PISA Pakistan, founding member of OIC-CERT, and president of ISACA Islamabad Chapter. In 2007, Mr. Jaffri was awarded the Information Security Leadership Achievement Award (ISLA).  

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